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Ali G is a professional wedding, celebrity and product photographer in Hong Kong.  His romance with photography began in 1989 when his uncle gave him a 35mm camera as a birthday present. At the age of 16, Ali began documenting one of the modern world’s most important events: The fall of the Berlin Wall. Witnessing this unique event filled with emotions, colors and cultural diversity shaped Ali’s photographic style.  Since then, Ali has traveled the world in 32 countries and be homed in 6 of them, with the privilege of working in the United States, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Brasil, France, and the Philippines.

He currently resides and works as a professional photographer and social media instructor in Hong Kong, in between international travel assignments. His sold-out social media and photography workshop clientele include Lan Kwai Fong Group, Adobe, Holiday Inn, Sassy Media Group and the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, to name a few. Furthermore, Ali gives 1-1 workshops for photographers, including in the areas of street photography, travel photography, portrait and food photography.

In October 2021, Ali launched his genesis NFT collection called 'Hong Kong Red', a collection of 15 unique images in 1/1 edition, shot entirely on mobile phones. The collection was minted on the Sloika NFT platform and was sold out, the first of its kind from Asia! In December 2021, Ali was invited as an NFT artist to join the IMXHK 2021 hyper cars show, featuring the likes of Ferrari, Tesla and Pagani. The IMX collection is called 'Hong Kong Story' and features 3 super rare NFT art pieces.

Ali has also been a content creator for Huawei and he has been very fortunate to have the the following mentors:

  • Mr Henry Dallal, The portrait photographer of her Majesty the Queen of England
  • Mr Ashraf Talaat, National Geographic
  • Mr Massoud Hossaini, Pulitzer Prize Winner 2012
  • Ms Nadine Markova, Photographer at Time, Newsweek, Life, Playboy and National Geographic