Best Hong Kong Photos Spots for Wedding, Pre-wedding and Couple Photography by Aligstudios
08 January 2021

Did you know that Hong Kong is an AMAZING city for weddings, pre-wedding, and couples photoshoots!? As a professional photographer based in Hong Kong, I’ve had the honor of photographing pre-wedding shoots, weddingseventsportraits, and much more in Asia's world city!

A bonus of working in Hong Kong for over a decade is that I’ve had the chance to scope out the city’s top photo shoot locations for weddings, pre-weddings and couples photography and I’m thrilled to share them with you here.

Wedding, pre-wedding, and couple photography in Hong Kong is a mixture of portraits, headshotsmotion, and street photography, I hope you are ready to take some great photos!

Best Hong Kong Photos Spots for Wedding, Pre-Wedding, and Couples Photography – Who Should Read This?

Couples, especially those who are engaged, planning to get married, and wedding photographers would be benefit from this article because you can get a better idea about where to go for getting the best wedding, pre-wedding, and couple photos in Hong Kong.

Travelers visiting Hong Kong would also love the photo spots we have suggested because they are just so beautiful.

Best Places to Take Couples Photos in Hong Kong

1. Vibrant Victoria Harbour 

Couple Photography at Hong Kong central Waterfront by Ali G Studios

 Couple photography in Hong Kong central waterfront by Ali G Studios

One of my all-time favorite couples photoshoot locations is Victoria Harbour, otherwise known as Hong Kong Harbour. Pose on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront promenade at sunset against Hong Kong’s skyline of iconic buildings or board the Star Ferry for a dramatic backdrop with the Symphony of Lights!


2. Historic Neighborhoods

Couple photo in front of a historical building in wanchai HK by aligstudio

Take a stroll through Hong Kong’s historic neighborhoods such as:

  • Sheung Wan
  • Wan Chai
  • Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Mid Levels

There are a host of photo shoot hotspots from Square street and Man Mo temple to cute cafes and colorful walls. If it’s a hot nightspot you’re after, look no further than Lan Kwai Fong - Hong Kong’s most popular destination for a couple of tasty happy hour drinks and an ideal place for a relaxed Hong Kong photoshoot.


3. Iconic Trams

Pre Wedding Photography in front of a Tram in Hong Kong Central by aligstudio

There’s nothing more iconic than a photo shoot in the middle of Hong Kong’s bustling streets with the juxtaposition of east meets west, Chinese character neon lights, and Hong Kong's colorful trams. The trams run east and west on Hong Kong island, and there are several great spots to catch moments like above.

Already inspired to have your romantic photoshoot? Please contact me to book your bespoke Hong Kong couple’s photoshoot today!


4. Beautiful Beaches

couple photography at repulse bay Hong Kong by AliGStudios

One of the many highlights of Hong Kong is its golden sand beaches a stone's throw away from downtown, most of which are easily accessible with local bus and ferry connections.
Great beaches such as
-         Repulse Bay
-         Shek-O
-         South Bay
-         Stanley
All these beaches offer an array of photogenic sun-kissed opportunities.
It’s definitely worth staying a little longer to take advantage of the "golden hour" for a romantic sunset photoshoot.
The historical buildings like Repulse Bay Hotel and Murray House in Stanley are add-ons to these beach locations.


5. Colorful Temples and Markets

couple photography in wanchai market by aligstudio

Why not embrace the local flavors of Hong Kong and set your portraits amongst vibrant local markets like Wanchai, Stanley market, Ladies Market, and Central market?

Alternatively, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle why not find your zen in a local temple. The incense spirals, golden Buddhas, and stone statues make for captivating settings.


6. Elegant Hotels

Wedding photography at Hong Kong 1881 heritage by ali g studio

Pre Wedding photography at Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong by ali g studios

Hong Kong has some of the world’s most iconic hotels such as the Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Intercontinental, and two of my recent photoshoots were at The Peninsula and Four Seasons hotels.

Although most hotels won't let you shoot inside unless it's your wedding day and you have booked their venue, public areas like outside the front of the Peninsula Hotel make for a grandiose photoshoot location.

Insiders tip: the Peninsula Hotel also has a helipad and does helicopter tours, which can provide that cherry on top for your Hong Kong couple’s photoshoot.


7. Vantage Points - The Hong Kong Peak (Victoria Peak)

Best Wedding photography at Hong Kong Victoria Peak by ali g studios


wedding photography at Hong Kong peak by ali g studios

No top Hong Kong couple’s photoshoot location list would be complete without Hong Kong’s pinnacle, “The Peak.” Victoria Peak, as it is officially known, is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island and lends itself to breathtaking views of Hong Kong harbour, the city, and surrounding natural wonders.

Pro Tip: There’s a beautiful park up there which lends itself well for a nature-inspired photoshoot, especially at sunset.

Best Hong Kong Photos Spots for Wedding, Pre-Wedding and Couples Photography – Useful Tips

  • Bring along a pair of comfortable trainers with you so you don’t need to move around with your beautiful but difficult to walk-in high heels
  • Multiple outfit choices
  • Get your nails done a few days before the shoot
  • Put on a hydration mask the night before your photoshoot
  • Choose a nice bag to carry all your essentials, and make sure you bring along these items:


Best Hong Kong Photos Spots for Wedding, Pre-Wedding and Couples Photography – Final Words

Thanks to all the amazing clients and photography teams I've worked with over the years. I also couldn’t have done it without my lighting sponsor, Phottix, for whom I am a pro team member.

What this means for you is that you can get their awesome lighting products at a discount through me. Use this link and this discount code [HCQHZRJWVD9B] for a special VIP pricing. 

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All photos are © Ali Ghorbani and Ali G Studios

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