Newborn photography Hong Kong

Newborn Photography Tips: 5 Ways to Take Great Baby Photos

Newborn photography; one of the biggest joys of my job! There’s nothing quite like capturing this special time in a family’s journey. As my base city of Hong Kong is such a family-friendly haven, I’ve had the honor of being booked for a variety of newborn photoshoots. And while every one is different, I have, of course, picked up some tricks of the trade over the years. Here are five ways for parents to make the most of their newborn baby photoshoot

Don’t delay

“They grow up fast” may be a cliche, but it’s also very true. While you’re busy doing and thinking about a million things after the birth of your baby, the weeks and months will pass by in the blink of an eye, especially in a fast-paced city such as Hong Kong. As you see your baby every day, it’s also hard to gauge how quickly he or she is growing. In a newborn photography session you of course want to capture your little one at his or her absolute littlest, so don’t delay. You’ll have a big gangly teenager on your hands before you know it!

Newborn photoshoot Hong Kong

Newborn baby photo shoot Hong Kong

Don’t worry about clearing your schedule

The first few weeks and months of a baby’s life can be pretty full-on for parents, and the last thing you’re probably thinking about is bringing another variable, such as a newborn photoshoot, into that mix. My advice here is don’t stress about finding the perfect time for your shoot. One of my favorite things about newborn photography is that it can just slot in around all your usual activities, be it feeding, napping, bath time, or even nappy changes. And don’t worry if your baby is grizzly that day either. I’ve done some of my best newborn photoshoots with grumpy babies!

Baby photographer Hong Kong

Baby photoshoot Hong Kong

Pick out some props

If you’re at the stage where you’re thinking about a newborn photography shoot in Hong Kong, you’ve probably already found a few things your baby responds really well to. Maybe it’s the fluffy towel you wrap him/her up in after a bath, maybe it’s a frozen strawberry, maybe it’s your car keys. Arm yourself with the things that make your baby’s world rock and a selection of outfits or accessories you love and you’re guaranteed to have fun and get some awesome pics. 

Newborn baby photographer Hong Kong

Baby photoshoot Hong Kong

Look your best but don’t overdo it

New parents barely have time to think about themselves, but you’ll probably want to take 10 minutes to run a comb through your hair and sponge the baby puke off your shirt before your newborn photo session. That said, there’s no need to overdo it on the hair and makeup. Newborn shoots are all about natural beauty and connection, so unless you’re a glamor puss in your daily life, there’s no need to go all out for your photographer. Also, don’t delay because you’re worried about how you look. You don’t look as tired or as out of shape as you think you do and you will regret your misplaced vanity later.

Baby photography Hong Kong

Baby photoshoots Hong Kong

Get other family members involved

You don’t need to limit your shoot to just baby and parents. Newborn photography sessions provide amazing bonding opportunities for the whole family, whether it’s doting grandparents, attention-starved older siblings, or even protective pets. Having a little gang around also helps keep the baby engaged and entertained and makes it more fun for the parents. 

Baby photographer Hong Kong

In short, newborn photography is very joyful for me as it allows me to capture some of the most intimate moments of family life.  A big shout out and thank you to all the families who’ve booked me as their newborn photographer over the years. I never tire of shooting love and cuteness. 

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