Maternity Photo Shoot, Hong Kong, Ali G Studios

5 ways to get the best out of your maternity photo shoot

Having worked as a professional photographer in Hong Kong for many years, I’ve noticed maternity photo shoots becoming more and more popular. It certainly makes sense that women, especially first-time moms, would want to document this magical time. But I also know pregnant women don’t always feel that glamorous, and therefore might shy away from a shoot and regret it afterwards. In an attempt to remedy this wrong, I bring you five ways to get the best out of your pregnancy photo shoot.


Remember why you’re doing it

If the thought of doing a maternity photo shoot puts dread in your stomach, remember what else you have in there – a new life that will soon be part of your family, never again to be physically part of your body. The bond a women feels with her unborn child is unique and beautiful, a feeling you will want to remember long after the birth. Think of this and you won’t look back with regrets!

Maternity Photo Shoot, Hong Kong, Ali G Studios


Hire a stylist 

When was the last time you got your hair and makeup done professionally? Your wedding day perhaps? Hiring a stylist to doll you up before your pregnancy photoshoot will make you feel and look amazing, even if your ankles are swollen! A maternity photoshoot is all about the fine details and, besides the bump itself, your face and hair will be center stage. Give them the attention they deserve. 

Maternity Photo Shoot, Hong Kong, Ali G Studios


Wear something fabulous

You can absolutely rock up to your maternity photoshoot in your elasticated jeans and a nice top, but you can also get totally out of the box if you want to. Moms-to-be have arrived with the most fabulous of outfits for some of the pregnancy photo shoots I’ve done in Hong Kong. Buy or rent something special if you feel like dressing up, and if you want to wear flowers in your hair, go for it. You’re a goddess, remember? Two of the top maternity brands I’ve had the pleasure of photographing include the amazing Silk Fairies and the world renowned pregnancy outfit brand from Hong Kong, Mayarya.

Maternity Photo Shoot, Hong Kong, Ali G Studios


Embrace your curves

Women are often told to embrace their curves, but at no time is this more important than in your pregnancy shoot. Obviously it’s mainly about the bump, so consider doing some bare belly shots (see header photo). You’ll look back on them and be amazed. If you’d rather keep it covered, no biggie. Just make sure you flaunt what you’ve got while you’ve still got it!

Maternity Photo Shoot, Hong Kong, Ali G Studios


Bring in the family

A lot of people just don’t like having their photo taken, full stop. If that’s you, and you think you’d feel weird posing around on your own, ask your significant other, kids, parents or friends to get involved. It’ll make the shoot altogether more fun, and fun shoots make for great photos.

Maternity Photo Shoot, Hong Kong, Ali G Studios


In short, what makes a maternity shoot special is you! So get excited, get creative and create memories that can last generations to come!  I would like to thank all the gorgeous mammas who have trusted me to take their pregnancy photos over the years. It’s been an honor and a joy.


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