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Wedding Photography: 7 Reasons why I love being a Professional Wedding Photographer

As some of you know, I’m not strictly only a professional wedding photographer. I also do family photography, eventsportraits and commercial photography, but wedding photography is a big part of my job. 

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings in my base city of Hong Kong as well as destinations all over the world. I’ve never had a wedding I didn’t enjoy, so here’s why wedding photography is one of the best parts of my job. 

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Love! It’s such a magical thing 

Weddings are the epitome of two people’s declaration of love for one another, what’s not to love about that!? Imagine the first-look moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time and the emotions they experience! Or the cute flower girls walking down the aisle before the bride in her bespoke Galia Lahav dress.  These are the wedding moments that gives me so much joy to capture for a couple and their loved ones. 


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Cute Hong Kong wedding flower girls


Every wedding is unique

Just like no two couples are the same, neither are two weddings the same. This is especially true in Asia’s world city of Hong Kong, a thriving and vibrant cultural melting pot. As a professional wedding photographer, I love capturing different weddings, whether it’s a multi-day Indian wedding complete with a Mehndi ceremony and colorful lehenga designs, or a Chinese wedding involving a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony, red pockets and Chinese dinner banquet. Western wedding traditions such as the wedding ring exchange, the first kiss and the first dance are also some of my favorites moments!

hong kong wedding photography first dance


hong kong wedding photography chinese banquet


It’s a challenge

I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good challenge! As a professional photographer, it’s important to understand and respect the cultures you are photographing. This understanding allows you to document the emotional, fun and intimate moments for the bride and groom.  Furthermore, the art of versatility is being able to photograph a wide range of things from stunning bridal jewellery to family portraits to the details of décor. 


Beautiful wedding flower bouquets hong kong wedding photography

Capturing memories

As we all know, weddings are just as much about the big day as they are about the memories that are made and savored. It is such an honor to be able to capture these wedding memories that a couple will cherish for the rest of their lives. I try my best to snap all the details, no matter how big or small, and to thread them together into a wedding story, their wedding story, that they can relive time and time again. 


hong kong four seasons wedding bride and bridesmaids


Chinese bride portrait Hong Kong wedding photography


It’s rewarding!

I’m not sure there is a bigger honor than being a part of a couple’s biggest and happiest day and them trusting you as their wedding photographer. I find being a professional photographer based in Hong Kong extremely enjoyable and fun but no facet of photography is more rewarding than family photography and wedding photography and luckily for me, I specialize in both! 


indian wedding photography mira ravine rara


Unleashes your creativity

There are no limits on what you can do in wedding photography. Finding new and creative ways to capture traditional ideas such as wedding rings, bridal spins, wedding details and of course the love and connection of the couple and their most loved ones is something I’ll never tire of. 


hong kong creative wedding ring photography henna


The world’s my oyster!

As a professional wedding photographer, I am blessed to be able to jet off to destination weddings all around the world – from the luxury hotels in Thailand to majestic Indian palaces in Jaipur and the tropical beaches of the Philippines and plenty in between. My camera has become my passport.  If you’re planning your destination wedding, please do contact me!


peninsula hotel bangkok thailand wedding photography


peninsula hotel bangkok wedding photographer

Thanks to all the couples that have allowed me to be part of their amazing wedding stories over the years.  Not only have you honored me by making me part of your lives, but you have also allowed me to pursue my passion for wedding photography.


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