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Ferran Adria: the Godfather of Molecular Cuisine

Molecular cuisine, what’s that?

Before diving into the gastronomy, let me just introduce myself!

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Now onto the main story! As part of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s 10th Anniversary, the ‘godfather’ of molecular gastronomy, Ferran Adria, was the guest of honor for a 2-night event in Hong Kong. Molecular cuising, also known as Molecular Gastronomy, is the art of cooking using various scientific methods.  For example, the composition, texture and properties of an ingredient can be changed to form something new, different and spectacular. Adria, the founder of 3-michelin starred El Bulli, inspired the menu prepared by Amber’s executive chef, Richard Ekkebus.  El Bulli was famed as the world’s best restaurant before it’s closing in 2011, and Amber ranked #38 in the world’s best 50 restaurants in 2015.  Ali G Studios was commissioned to capture the event for Dom Perignon.

Even with a price tag of HK$ 10,888 (USD 1395) per hed, the two dinners sold out in 3 hours.  There was so much demand that seating had to be expanded to 70 guests per night from the original 40 seats.

The 12-course menu and 5 canapes came with a Dom Perignon champagne reception and wine pairing.  It also included El Bulli 2005-2011, a seven volume set weighing 17 Kg which would be delivered to your home if you attended as a guest.

As summarized by Adria, “With our creations, a chef could come along, taste it and then elaborate on it better than we did. I love going to eat at places that are doing what we did. I would love for young people to be better than I was. El Bulli has opened the doors, so to speak, that is undeniable. But I want young people to be better than us.”

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