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Web3 as decentralized networks and decentralized finance(DEFI) are the future of the internet. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are playing a bigger role each day, and not just in Art. A NFT is a digital asset that is unique and cannot be replaced, making it ideal for use in web3 applications. It can be used to represent ownership of digital items from music to concert tickets!

Ali is a founding member of the HK Web3 Association and has created & sold 28+ Digital Photography Collectibles. His work has been featured by Samsung, Adobe and Royal Geographical Society. His ‘Hong Kong Red’ collection was the first sold out collection of street photography shot entirely on mobile phones!  Over the years, Ali has been a featured speaker at WOW summit and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His Artwork has been displayed at shows in Hong Kong, Times Square in New York, Rome and Bali!


Simpson Marine, a leading luxury brand in the Yachting world, created it’s first official NFT collection and Asia’s first yachting NFT, ODE TO THE SEA, with Hong Kong’s established professional photographer and NFT creator Ali G of Ali G Studios

The photoshoot for this beautiful collection by Ali G took place in Hong Kong, with the city’s iconic locations of Victoria Harbour (Central & TST) and the Southern Side (Repulse Bay & South Bay), serving as backdrops. Two amazing artists showcased their skills, helping to create 12 x 1/1 images with several perks for collectors.

This timeless collection was also featured by Yacht Style magazine, Superyachts.com and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

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The Artist Within You – How to Create a Digital Photography Collectible Using Blockchain Technology

This is Hong Kong’s FIRST Digital Photography & Blockchain Technology Workshop!

Helping to bridge the gap between traditional art and the Web3 revolution, this workshop is designed with both adults and kids in mind! By making blockchain technology and photography accessible to all, Ali G will teach you how to snap & edit extraordinary photos with your smartphone as a starting point. Then, you will be guided on setting up your digital wallet, minting your very own digital collectibles, and marketing your art within the Web3 ecosystem.

While most existing courses only focus on theory, Ali G, a seasoned digital artist who has successfully created and sold over 28 digital collectibles, leads with actual insights and tips from his first-hand experiences.

Are you ready to create something extraordinary?

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Hong Kong: a vibrant, dynamic, and fast-paced metropolis where East meets West. My love affair with this city started long before I even stepped foot on its soil!

My best friend, a Hong Kong descendant, would pass every summer of his teenage years here visiting family. Not only did he bring back amazing tales and images of food, technology and the city’s immaculate architecture, but he planted a seed that would bud years later as I looked to Asia for work.

This timeless collection of 1/1 photographs has taken 4 years to create, and it is my first NFT collection.

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My first trip to India was in 2012, and I was instantly enchanted.

The sounds, aromas, and colors all combined to create a sensory overload. My camera was in overdrive. It felt like Disneyland for a photographer. The most unforgettable feast for my lenses was the colors, from the back-streets to the main markets, including the people themselves and their colorful personalities.

Collectors will receive a 2048px size image and the first collectors may contact me for a higher res file as well. First collectors can also receive a signed A4 size print.

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