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Why photographing corporate events in Hong Kong is never dull 

Of all the many aspects of my work as a freelance photographer in Hong Kong — be it weddings, family photography, portraits and the like — corporate event photography is what people always assume is the most boring part of the job. Having worked in this industry for years photographing the milestones of some of the world’s top companies, however, I have to say it’s a lot more fun than you might at first assume. Here are six reasons why.

They’re well organized 

When you’re dealing with the world’s biggest brands and Public Relations companies, you’d better believe their people are amazingly organized! I can be almost certain when I’m photographing high-profile corporate events in Hong Kong that everything will go off without too many surprises, which cannot always be said for weddings! As being a professional photographer also requires a high level of organization and foresight, it’s always a pleasure to work around like-minded folks. 

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You meet the most incredible people

I’ve met some of the world’s most impressive people while working as a corporate events photographer in Hong Kong. Not just the CEOs and regional managers of companies like Porsche, the Mandarin Oriental and Moet & Chandon, but also entrepreneurs, tastemakers and performers. When photographing FilmAid and Moët & Chandon’s Power of Film Gala Dinner alone, I’ve rubbed shoulders with the likes of Fan Bingbing, Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen and Uma Thurman. 

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You catch some amazing entertainment

There’s usually some form of entertainment at big business events, and I’ve caught glimpses of some awesome performances over the years. You may not get to sit back and fully take in the show like the rest of the attendees, but capturing such talent with my lens is always an honor, and I often get to meet the acts afterwards. Performances by Canto-pop diva Joey Yeung and American soul singer Judith Hill were especially memorable. 

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You get to see all the coolest new products first 

It goes without saying that a lot of the corporate events I photograph in Hong Kong are product launches, whether it be a new gadget, a new fashion line or a new car. One of the perks of being a professional corporate event photographer, therefore, is seeing all the shiny new stuff before everybody else. Getting a sneak peak is always fun.

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You get to work with great teams

As a freelance photographer, I’m often working alone, unless I’m working at a particularly big wedding, in which case I’ll bring other members of my team along. More often than not when photographing corporate events, however, I’ll be working with one or two other photographers and videographers. One event that springs to mind is the Global Tourism Economy Forum in Macau, for which I worked with a team of six. It’s always a boost for me to work alongside others in the field. These meetings also often lead to more collaborations and partnerships later down the line.

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You hear some inspiring stuff

Just as you meet some very cool people at big corporate events, you also hear some pretty inspiring stuff. Whether it’s a CEO’s rallying call to his/her troops or a member of staff receiving an award for going above and beyond, some the the speeches I catch while photographing these big corporate events in Hong Kong are surprisingly moving and empowering. As a freelance photographer there’s no other way I’d get an ear on such things, so it makes for an interesting insight into a different world.

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