Photography & Videography Workshops

Ali has been a leader in Mobile Photography & Videography workshops since 2016, delivering workshops from Hong Kong to Mexico. His impressive list of clients includes Adobe, Sun Life, the British Consulate, Lan Kwai Fong Group and Aberdeen Marina Club. These workshops are designed for corporate wellness, small business owners, as well as staff training.

Some of Ali’s photography and videography workshops take place in the heart of Hong Kong, just a few blocks from Victoria Harbour, HSBC headquarters, and the Four Seasons Hotel.

The personal workshops focus on digital photography, both 1-on-1 and in small groups, and are geared towards amateur photographers who wish to take their photography to the next level.  In addition, small group workshops are a fun and creative activity for young adults, especially during school holidays or weekends. Here are some Photography Tips & Tricks to get you started!

Having built his photography brand from the ground up, Ali’s small business workshops include digital content creation, social media secrets, photography editing tools, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, SEO strategy, and many tips & tricks to give small business owners an edge over their competition. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry!

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Our Corporate workshops are designed to improve your team’s skills and boost their creativity. In addition, the Corporate Training workshop is a great way to help upskill your team members in order to reduce the need for outside photographers. We offer two types of workshops:

Corporate Wellness

* Improving Mental Health

* Promoting & Nurturing Creativity

* Convenient & Impactful Lunch & Learn format (60 mins)

            *How to edit Photos & Videos like a Pro on mobile phones using free Apps

* Learn mobile videography techniques to create professional-quality videos

* Topics covered can include Food photography, Portraits, Street photography, Travel Photography and Social Media Tips & Tricks

Corporate Training

* Upskilling team members & promoting team work

* Improving the Quality & Quantity of Social Media content creation for your company

* Reducing reliance and expenses on external photography & videography content creation mechanisms

* Providing a better understanding of the relationship between your branded images and social media

* Session duration is 1.5-3 hours depending on the content

* Content can be tailored to your company’s needs

All Corporate Workshops can be done for Mobile Photography & Mobile Videography

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Photography for All levels

Ali’s 1-on-1 Photography workshops are designed for anyone who wants to learn how to take great photos, regardless of their level of experience. Whether a complete beginner or an amateur photographer looking to take their photography to the next level, these workshops can be tailored to each student. If you’re stuck in ‘Auto’ mode on your camera and want to learn ‘Manual’ mode, then this workshop is for you! If you want to up your Instagram game, then we can cover that too!

These workshops range from 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs, including theory and lots of hands-on shooting.

Young Creators

This super fun and hands-on photography workshop is designed for ages 9 and up. Topics covered are the basics of photography, including composition rules and tips for taking better photos using a smartphone. We also go through step by step on how to edit photos like a pro using free in-phone apps. By focusing on creating and improving the quality of photography, we also promote and nurture mental health through Art.
Each student will receive individual attention and specific tips to improve their images, and they will have the opportunity to ask Ali G anything about photography during the Q&A session. They range from 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs and can even be arranged for private groups!

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Are you searching for ways to elevate your brand’s online presence and capture the attention of your target audience?

As a former content creator for Huawei and a designated creator on Tik Tok and Instagram, Ali created this workshop to focus on high-quality mobile photography, dynamic video content, and engaging social media marketing posts.

The main goals of this workshop are for small business owners to learn:

– How to optimize content for Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin

– How to edit Photos & Videos like a Pro on Mobile phones using free Apps

– Stand out from the competition with visually striking content that captures their audience’s attention
– Build a strong brand identity and convey their brand’s message in a clear and compelling way on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook
– How to create viral content in order to increase social media engagement and follower growth
– How to grow organically on social media platforms by understanding content strategy
These workshops are usually conducted 1-on-1 or in small groups.

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